As a young entrepreneur, Robert Donovan began his advertising career by leveraging his paper route to upsell window washing, gutter cleaning and garage organization. His innovation continued by learning direct marketing for a New York pizzeria through the power of door hangers, word of mouth and the beginnings of direct response marketing.  After service in the Marine Corps where he was assigned to high profile duties through the State Department’s embassies, Mr. Donovan worked at Ronald Reagan’s ad agency of record. Having mastered the intricacies of political candidates, 501C3’s and super PAC’s, Mr. Donovan was recruited to one of the largest Omnicom owned ad agencies specifically to work on their automotive division.  He made a name for himself by creating national success stories through “Omni-Channel” advertising consisting of print, radio, TV, direct mail and outdoor.

During the recession, Mr. Donovan predicted a market shifting towards digital, saw a deficit in the industry, and launched his own company, DOM360.  As a pioneer and truly one of the first automotive digital marketing agencies, Mr. Donovan stayed true to the digital first approach where his team has revolutionized website optimization/performance, paid search, remarketing, and more.  This DNA was embedded into agency culture and every employee until 2013. In 2013, the company expanded its services to offer traditional marketing for a comprehensive “Omni-Channel” approach, which few agencies have mastered in the automotive space. DOM360 has offices in South Carolina, Florida, and California and partners with individual rooftops, dealer groups, and OEMs with specialized marketing for sales, service, and F &I.   Mr Donovan has coined two terms; the strategy of Conversion Rate Optimization and Contology TM. With that in mind, Mr. Donovan launched real estate companies and software organizations.  He continues to push the envelope in every way.

Robert currently resides in both Greenville , SC and Ladera Ranch, California with his spouse Jennifer and four children.  He is an author, award winning cyclist, competitive and at times crazy dirt bike racer, skydiver and regularly speaks at industry and non-industry specific events.