The Man Behind the Machine

While perhaps most known for his influence in the automotive marketing industry, Donovan’s expertise and passions extend into many areas. He is the founder of three companies, widely experienced, and in demand as a speaker across the country.
The phrase “ahead of the curve” perfectly describes Donovan’s approach. Whether developing solutions for his clients or racing his bike, Donovan is all in. He lives up to his enthusiastic, results-driven reputation. Sometimes it seems the man behind the machine is a bit driven himself.





The More the Merrier

What’s better than one company? Three! While each caters to different audiences and industries, Robert’s companies all adhere to the same principles of discipline, innovation, and drive for results.


Sharing A Wealth of
Experience & Expertise

As passionate as he is about problem-solving, Robert is
just as enthusiastic about sharing what he has learned and experienced. He’s served as a speaker or keynote at over 15 events in the last three years and participated in other events as an industry expert, tradeshow presenter, and panelist.


Big Heart, Big Help

Service has long been a driving factor in Robert’s life. And he believes that serving others is an important part of success. You’ll find him engaging with local veteran-assistance businesses, creating vet opportunity programs with clients, and donating to community causes.