Robert Donovan Diesel

Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

This simple phrase will help you with various
projects throughout your life. There are several
other principles of mechanics that, once you
learn, you’ll be able to understand and apply
those principles to other areas.

Robert Donovan Diesel Mechanics Greenville
Robert Donovan Diesel Mechanics Greenville

An Invaluable Skill

Learning a trade is a great way to experience and better
understand how the world works. What if you broke down in
the middle of nowhere without cell service? What if you lived
in an area that snowed, but they didn’t salt the roads, and no
one knew how to drive in snow? Sound familiar? The point
is that by understanding how mechanics work, you’re only
helping yourself.

Meant to Use Our Hands

In addition to helping you grasp certain concepts,
using your hands is a great way to unwind. I’ve
found that if I get home half an hour before
dinner, the time I set aside to work in the garage
helps me leave the stress of the day behind. I
simply cannot begin to explain the benefits that
this practice has added to my relationships,
family, and, most importantly, my well-being.

Robert Donovan Diesel Mechanics Greenville