Robert Donovan

Conquering Any Fear

Motorcross is a demanding sport; it has taught me
perseverance, grit and self-discipline. The bicycle
is a good example of man and machine coming
together, but the motorcycle is an excellent
example. There is something to be said about
twisting a throttle, feeling the wind in your face
and watching the ground move past very quickly.

Robert Donovan Motorcross, Bike Sand Highway
Robert and Jennifer Donovan, Motorcross Bike Yamaha Greenville

Reading List

Even if motocross is not your sport, I recommend
reading the book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle
Maintenance.” This fictionalized autobiography by
Robert M. Pirsig explores the value of high-quality
engagement. The book demonstrates how to
become one with something in your life, whether
your spouse, a pet, a hobby, etc. It discusses how
to become intuitive and how that intuition can
serve you in other areas of your life.

Motorcycle Dangers

I often run across the perception that motorcycles
are dangerous, but in reality, whether it’s
hazardous or not has to do with the person
driving. I do not like being around cars — I prefer
being on a track where all the traffic heads in the
same direction! I have only ridden on the road a
handful of times. The thing that has kept me safe
throughout the years across all my extreme sports
is being consistent. When doing these kinds of
sports, you need to do them consistently to stay
sharp and in shape, keeping you safe.

Robert Donovan Motorcross Bike Yamaha, Greenville