Traffic-packed but underused, Greenville gateway gets a fresh vision

greenville gateway

Plans to transform the district where Interstate 385 feeds into the east side of Greenville’s downtown have come into sharper focus over the past few months and will be presented to city officials next week. Juan Mullerat, whose team at Miami-based urban planning firm Plusurbia is creating the road map for future development of the […]

Training to Win – Principles of Marketing

AutoSuccess Training To Win, Principles Of Marketing

With as much as the industry has changed and as fast as the industry evolves, there are certain core principles that remain the same. Back in 2015, I had an interview with the publication Auto Success where I shared an analogy between sports and marketing. I find these principles ring true even in today’s marketing […]

Unity Park Donation

In October 2020, my spouse Jennifer and I decided to relocate from the Los Angeles area back to where our businesses were, Greenville, SC. We decided to donate $250,000 to the City of Greenville’s Unity Park. The park is an exciting addition to the city; it will include a play structure, a log bridge, auditory/sensory […]

Mobility and the Future of Dealership Marketing Darryl Thompson, DOM360’s Chief Operating Officer, interviews Robert about mobility and the oncoming challenges facing the automotive industry. Find out why these challenges are great news for dealerships who are committed to their marketing efforts!

Filtering Through Vendors Robert sits down with Pat Lustig, the General Manager of South County Lexus to talk about what goes into choosing the right vendors. There can be a lot of spam to sift through, so Pat tells us about his process for selecting and managing his accounts.

The Local Marketing Platform

Robert-Mike U Robert sits down with Michael Uhrinek, Chief Innovation Officer, to discuss the power of data in today’s marketing universe. They discuss the local marketing platform and Contology’s evolution into a platform of convenience.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Robert-MikeBrown Robert talks with Accounts Director, Mike Brown, about working your way up in the marketing industry. They chat about the importance of working hard, putting in the hours, and having a good work ethic to be able to climb the corporate ladder.

What To Do. Where To Play. Learn The DOM360 Way! Robert sits down with Andy Kimbrell, Senior Graphic Designer, and Colleen Redmond, Marketing Coordinator, to discuss DOM360’s latest project. They discuss the process and success of taking one small idea and turning it into a full-blown marketing campaign.

The Always Important Work—Life Balance Work—life balance is a phrase used to describe the harmony an individual needs between work and other parts of their life. Robert sits down with his friend and colleague Doug Meagher to discuss why this balance is necessary and how to go about implementing this in your life.

Cracking the Code When it comes to entering the territory of a new type of business, it takes a diligent effort to crack the code. Robert talks with Josh Loewer, andDonovan Account Executive, about breaking into the health & fitness category and helping one andDonovan client reach a 56% year over year increase in business.