Robert Donovan knows this—When you  start multiple businesses it guarantees one thing. Life will never be boring.

Let’s face it. Entrepreneurship is a rush. Whereas most people get into business to make a living, Donovan has found that a life worth living includes starting businesses and he currently has three. Running them is exciting in its own right, and he continues to do so on a daily basis. Each brings with it a set of unique challenges and thrills. And Robert Donovan, as we know, is a thrill-seeker at heart.

In 2007, Donovan launched Dealer Online Marketing a full-service ad agency focused on digital and traditional marketing services for automotive manufacturers and dealerships. Now known as DOM360, the company was recently named the 167th fastest-growing technology company in North America on the Fast 500 list compiled by Deloitte US. It currently has over 80 employees in two offices, Greenville, SC and Boca Raton, FL serving over 120 clients.

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Donovan conceived and started Contology™ as a solution to the universal challenge of fragmentation in today’s marketing landscape. Every marketing function now has a login and a different home. Analytics, social media, advertising – all fragmented.

Contology™ merges these critical marketing tools into one universal system built on a responsive platform for access on any display or device. With it business gets more efficient and marketing gets centralized.

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Donovan’s newest venture is a spin-off of DOM360 focused on non-automotive clients.  It counts among it brands a 50-store Southwestern style restaurant, a mortgage lender and a regional chain of fitness centers. andDonovan is a nimble team of brand builders, content creators, website optimizers, video producers, strategy developers, social listeners, idea makers and even software developers, whose goal it is to put clients first by providing them with with impactful, creative solutions.

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