Dealer Online Marketing Regrows Roots in Traditional Marketing, Doubles Service Offerings

After six years of providing digital marketing services to dealerships, Dealer Online Marketing has expanded its offering to include traditional media. Of all the benefits from combining digital and traditional, a stronger ability to determine ROI has been most valued.

GREENVILLE, S.C.Feb. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — After six years of providing digital marketing services to automotive dealerships around the U.S., Dealer Online Marketing (DOM) has become a 360-degree automotive marketing provider, expanding its services to include traditional media. By doing this, DOM is eliminating the need for dealerships to partner with multiple marketing providers by adding television, radio, print, direct mail and more to its repertoire.

“By adding the traditional offering to DOM, our clients now have the consistency they could not get using multiple vendors. What you hear on radio or see on TV is what you’ll see online, on the website and when you walk into the dealership. Now we’re not only growing traffic for dealerships, we’re also creating true brands that consumers will know and recognize.” – Connie Gundrum, Director of Account Services

Ironically, most of the leaders of DOM are veterans of traditional advertising; but as the marketing landscape changed, so did the business model. In the first quarter of 2013, DOM reopened the doors to traditional media and piloted a combined service model of both digital and traditional for an entire year, online and offline. DOM’s scope of digital services now synchronizes with its traditional media services, and the pilot year was a tremendous success for clients. This new service model alleviates time and cost for dealers and enables more effective and streamlined service delivery from DOM to them. From TV advertising to online promotions, client branding is more consistent, stronger and surprisingly, less costly.

“This is another example of how DOM’s business model works differently than most. Rather than try to sell our services to dealerships, we listen to dealerships. We had hit ‘pause’ on traditional media for six years, and it’s enabled us to rebrand our business model to be a 360-degree marketing partner, not just another service provider.” – Robert Donovan, Co-Founder & CEO

Of the many benefits from combining digital and traditional marketing, an increased ability to determine effectiveness has produced the most positive feedback. Dealers are able to streamline processes and convey a more consistent brand message, and this synchronicity of services facilitates better identification of which channels are providing the highest ROI.

Dealer Online Marketing serves automotive dealership clients nationally. Digital marketing is DOM’s foundation, but the company has evolved into a 360-degree marketing partner, integrating traditional media into its services and providing an unprecedented, real-time 360 degree marketing visibility performance portal.

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