DOM360 Releases New SEO Industry Research

Automotive marketing agency shares industry secrets for SEO success

GREENVILLE, S.C.May 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Local automotive digital marketing firm DOM360 recently shared the latest chapter in its industry-leading information series with Automotive News. This white paper details best practices for search engine optimization in 2015.

Following Google’s most recent algorithm update on April 21, this piece, titled “Boost Your Google Rank: 6 Things You Need to Know,” covers SEO’s latest developments, as well as some of the most important and truly effective ways digital marketers can run successful SEO campaigns in 2015. The paper is available for free download online at

As digital marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace, DOM360 consistently works to provide its clients and the industry with expert information and consultation that will help grow leads and total sales numbers through best practices.

Prior to this release, DOM360 has released two other studies with Automotive News, covering the importance of responsive websites, as well as where businesses should be spending their digital advertising dollars and how much should actually be invested.

Automotive News sends these studies to nearly 90,000 recipients. While contributors have the option of also providing their own recipient list, DOM360’s white papers have had the most unsupplemented downloads in the history of the publication.

Last month, DOM360 CEO Robert Donovan was featured in the cover article “Training to Win” for the April 2015 issue of AutoSuccess. In this article, Donovan discusses the similarities he has found between cycling and the efforts needed to win in digital marketing. Following the article, a podcast was released online, expanding on Donovan’s insights.

Started in 2007 as Dealer Online Marketing, DOM360 now serves automotive manufacturers and dealerships nationwide. The company’s foundation lies in digital marketing, but DOM360 has evolved into a 360-degree marketing partner, integrating traditional media into its services and providing an unprecedented, real-time, 360-degree web-based marketing platform. Located in Greenville, SC, DOM360 employs more than 65 people and was ranked No. 16 on the list of South Carolina’s Top 20 Companies by Inc. magazine in 2014.

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