It’s the mashup name for my blog/video series. Like a fly on the wall, you’ll be privy to conversations between myself and others on a whole range of interesting and relevant topics. Enjoy. And if you like what you see, feel free to share.

Mobility and the Future of Dealership Marketing

Mobility and the Future of Dealership Marketing Darryl Thompson, DOM360's Chief Operating Officer, interviews Robert about mobility and the oncoming challenges facing the automotive industry. Find out why these challenges are great news for dealerships…

Filtering Through Vendors

Filtering Through Vendors Robert sits down with Pat Lustig, the General Manager of South County Lexus to talk about what goes into choosing the right vendors. There can be a lot of spam to sift…

The Local Marketing Platform

Robert sits down with Michael Uhrinek, Chief Innovation Officer, to discuss the power of data in today's marketing universe. They discuss the local marketing platform and Contology's evolution into a platform of convenience.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Robert talks with Accounts Director, Mike Brown, about working your way up in the marketing industry. They chat about the importance of working hard, putting in the hours, and having a good work ethic to…

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